Monday, January 1, 2007


The next sentence followin this one is the most amazing fact of my life
as a matter of fact i love numbers life is all filled with numbers
...especially the number five Starting from my birth..

I was born on 5th october(10) 1985
at 00:05 minutes ...
then I studied in five cities named
ranchi nagpur indore khargone and now in noida(total 5)
I got to my 1st in mom's bday is 25th oct sister's bday is 20th july...
thn my roll no remained
a multiple of 5 every whr i joined...even currently it is...

my phone number tells my bday a matter of fact I was 5 yrs in 8th till 12th...even many of my closest pals have bdays (it not that I ask their bdays first then make frenz)
again multiple of five....And my mom and dad both are 5 brothers and sisters.....Ist that amazing
my mom have 3 brothers and 1 sister and my dad have 2 brothers and 2 sisters...And adding to that my height is 5'10'' my room no is 113(summs up to 5) #;-) Rite now I am aware of only these many facts of my life....I ll make every one of you aware as soon as I know them...


  1. wow!
    lagta hai aap ka aur 5 ka pichhle janam ka rishta hai!!!!!!!
    keep blogging!

  2. cool analysis... may ur luck shines 5 times!!.. good luck..



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