Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Ven it comes to writing my hands tremble my mind wanders i do not get a thought what to talk about and what is the purpose of my writing.And ultimately i land up writing nothing because that my problem is...i m the jack sparrow with no compass ...and the irony to it is that i know that i have no heading and still i m not eager to find one...i find it funny ....but still i enjoy living because thats what we are supposed to be born for to live life,help others create smthing ...now theres an important point .."we create something" thats what makes us different from others...is it that only atrist create smthing no its not i believe that every human alive is capable to create somethinghe dosent need any virtual(including god..no offence) assistance to create he...although it may be of no use but still he creates smthing...cant you create a thought ???the only thing is "purpose" even ven you create a thought u need to embedd a purpose behind it unless u put a purpose behind anything you cant do any thing even if it a self set goal of donating a bottle of blood ...it may seem as if i m talking rubbish but ven you give a deep thought you will find it true lets talk about relationships they(philosophers) say that love binds all relationships...does it?? i dont think so and i can prove it...take a relationship of mother and son proclaimed the purest of all relationships...the lady need someone for her emotional pleasure and she needs to prove to the watching world that she can take care of the young ones and the son "why does he loves?" he loves(i really dont undestand why ppl use the word love its actually hiding the reality reasons and purposes for the relationship) because the lady is feeding her she is taking care of her make her learn things ...as simple as that..."love" the word stuck me what is love???its the word for hiding the real mean reasons which make you hate yourself you say you love your girlfriend but have you ever thought why did u loved her is it just because she loves you...is it ??? think twice you loved her because she cuddles you like no one does she talks the way like no one does she kisses you,listens to you even when you are the most annoying person and your mind must be asking u question why does she does that and this writer is talking shit...i know i write shit but i write truth (what my mind thinks is truth) neways she does for the same reasons so in a way you two ppl are just emotional sinks for each other ...and then you claim that you love each other???....the very next moment you might be thinking that what actually this person wants to say ...so here is it all in short that "No realtionship exists without a purpose behind it but if you keep finding the purpose mechanism of a particular relationship you will end up in breaking the realtionship in other words if you find a purpose behind a relationship name it love and keep it a to you or else face breaking it(relationship)"...

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