Friday, December 14, 2007

Celeberating Being Single

"You complete me."- Jerry McGuire

That line is a pile of crap. Why is it that so many people need a relationship in order to feel complete? People have gotten so ridiculously afraid of being single, that they would rather stay in a shitty relationship as opposed to being...DUN DUN DUN! ALONE! Gasp! The horror!

Not only does a person like this make a shitty single person, but this mentality makes them a shitty person to befriend as well.

Well, today I am going to tell you why Being single is not such a horrible thing.

A person who is looking for someone to complete them is admittedly incomplete on their own. This means that dating a person of this nature means you have to not only lead your life, but pick up the slack for a co dependent sissy who can't find meaning in life without someone else providing it for them. Are you f**ing serious?

Whats so bad about being aware of how to make yourself happy?

Watch me go here...

By nature we are selfish creatures. So if one desires a relationship without even having someone that they have specific interests for, they want a relationship solely for personal gain. BS, where can I get in line to date that person? They are co dependent BEFORE they even have someone. But, A person who enjoys being single... thats a different story. If they leave what they perceive as a good life where they are content, you know for one, they won't be overly co dependent, and will want to be with someone because of who they are, not for some natural desire to be with anyone that has a pulse.

If you hate being single or are scared of it... you have some serious problems. If you can't make yourself happy, then how the hell can you do it for someone else?

Jerry McGuire needed to be completed because he was friendless and couldn't stand his own company. If you are single or you are worried about it...Let me say this. At some point, we are all going to find someone. How many people do you know that are 50 and single? You are going to be alone for a very small percentage of your life... damn enjoy it. You have the rest of your life to compromise and share... Try being an individual for a while... you will love it.

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