Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I was there.


  1. heres on more masterpiece by a sheer genuis.
    hes d most artistic n creative frnd arnd....keep up d wrk vatsal.

  2. A nice painting.. It gives a feeling of hope.. It looks like a boy is standing alone and after a long wait he is accompanied by a rising sun.. Which is hiding behind the tall mountain of worldly problems.. Really a nice work which makes you feel that still there is a hope of love behind the great walls of materialistic world.

  3. the pic is really amazing.....this is one of the best pic i ve ever seen......

  4. It is a excellent combination of black & white...with a beautiful representation of a soul in solitude...I can very well relate it...

    (agar copyright nahi hota...main zarur ishe mar leti... hahahaha.. its really good)



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