Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On Repair!

Hello everyone, it has been a tiresome week. And believe me if a computer engineer's machine(computer) is down it is like somebody has been take into icu and has not given respiratory aids.
or an addict is unable to get his regular dose...any addiction seems smaller in front of this one.
Once i sit on that culprit chair then it take about 10 hrs to get me off it...its really hard to leave it...its been four years trying the same but i cant help it...nothin Everything continues for a while but utimately it ends at the same culprit chair. Now it might be feeling good as my machine got an IC short its gone for repair...that chair must be thanking its fate a zillion for now i m finding ways to tackle with my time schedule so as what to do with those 10 hrs...??? biggest question these days...I have found that its good that my machine has gone for least my room got cleaned wardrobe got cleaned i m giving clothes to laundry regularly...going to gym...applied for passport...i think its a good thing happened into my life...after all an example of "Everything happens for good"....going for class...i ll catch up with you guys later...bbye..adios amigos..

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