Thursday, January 8, 2009

That Bud.

I, was sitting thinking about you ... waiting for this bud to bloom, so that i can tell this world about what i feel when i think about you. 


  1. Hi
    Awesome work man!!

    What tools do u use??Is it Paint,Photoshpop or Coral Draw or something else??

    Anyways... i would suggest you to put a good caption which would carry some theme on each of your post. That would make it more interesting, meaningful and more creativity shall also reflect.
    Keep the good work up.

  2. Advice Well Taken.
    I use photoishop for colouring and sketching ..I sometimes do use
    ms-paint... :-)

  3. Let me try and fix a meaning for it.

    That stiloute (sorry for the spelling error buddy:) is a lonely girl/guy, and the ros, is held in the hand of his/her lover. The lover is waiting for the bud to bloom, so that he can tell lonely about his love. But you've put your fingerprint on it :)

    One suggestion dude, the fingerprint can be in the corner - helps the pic gain more recognition that way.

    I'm organising all my art blogging friends into an RSS feed that Ill put on my side bar, do you have a flicker page for your stuff?

  4. Thanks for enlighting the meaning
    its intriguing
    no i don't have a flicker page.

  5. Ok, and I noticed that you ask people to contact you through your email. But you havent provided it on your sidebar.

    One suggestion, try you'll get a form through whih people can contact you and it sends the mail to your inbox.

    That way your email will not be open for spamming, and you'll look professional

  6. Thanks Kaber,

    It was really a good advice
    and well taken i just added the form.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. Visiting your blog after a looong time; was busy all this while.
    but was posting intermittently. :D

    The cliff could have been higher ;-)

    Cool work as usual.
    Gets the solitude and loneliness together!

  8. awwsome work love the work on the cliff

  9. dude vatsal,

    i have a small plan, to promote your work, and mine together. i tried mailing you through the kontact form, not sure if you got my message, mail me through mine if you are interested to listen to what my idea is.



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