Thursday, September 6, 2007

About Me

I was born on 5th October 1985 in a upper-middle class family in khargone a village near indore (MP,INDIA ). My mother's hometown is khargone.. my dad was from Nagpur ...after my birth we started living in Asansol, (WB,INDIA).My Dad used to work as a Geologist in the CMPDI(Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited) . Mom used to be an athlete and LLB but after marriage she took charge of the house...later as dad got promoted we shifted to Ranchi(bihar-then now Jharkhand,INDIA). Here I started going to school (DAV hehal).In 1988 my younger sister was born. when i was 8 my dad met an accident in an expedition mission. then we shifted to Nagpur(Mah.,INDIA) for his treatment we lived there for about 2 years. After two years we kids were shifted to Khargone mom used to travel with dad from hospitals to hospitals and from from cities to cities. In 1996 dad left this world to begin another journey with god. Mom was left with no choice but to earn bread for the family.Me and my sister were learning the truths of life.Mom joined a boarding school as a warden me and my sister got admitted to the same school , I joined 8th and pallavi (My sister) joined 5th we completed our schooling from Columbia Convent,Indore (MP,INDIA).We bought a house in INDORE when i was in 10th simultaineously my mom shifted her post from a warden to sports coach with the very same school and after that as almost every middle class 12th science student I was rushing behind IIT's which eventually was realised that it was out of my reach. Later in 2003 i went to Mumbai to live with my maternal uncle to try getting into a graduation college ...which landed me in NOIDA(UP,INDIA) .I joined JIIT (Jaypee Institute of Information Technology). I started my graduation with good reputation as a programmer but soon i developed an inclination towards painting ..i tried pencil with paper,went on to pencil colours,crayons, pastels, my finances were tight it stopped me there.i used to draw at every corner possible my copies were not full of formulas or notes but various things i used to see around was obvious i was distracted lectures were continuously appearing boring and tasteless one day i was sitting around in computer lab and saw somebody making a funny joke on a paint brush ...the very thing stuck me and with all the spark i went on drawing as much paintings on a computer as i could that very intrest i forgot i was there to graduate ...this neglegence costed me a year..I was debarred from giving exams. It made me sulk into my own world...after about half a year passed i confessed everything to mom considering how much pain she had taken in the past and she was taking, telling her was the toughtest part later my colleagues and teachers helped me out .I continued with my passion softwares changed i shifted from paint to photoshop tried hands on flash, coreldraw ,illustrator and inkscape work represents the thoughts and emotions of what i learn through books internet and personal life experiences...currently I work from NOIDA and am still completing my graduation my sister joined wipro and my mom continues to live in Indore.

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