Wednesday, October 3, 2007


We all know that the today well lived is a life well lived. Yet, so often, we meander in the past. The trials of yesterday defeat the spirit of today. The misgivings and hurts of yesterday prejudice the mind of today. Yesterday can not be undone, we should not repent or regret over past mistakes. Rather, we should learn from our past and rise like a phoenix. The past achievements and the previous glories will not help the present go by. Today is what counts. We must all have the ability and the sensibility to accept today for what it is. Tomorrow could be wonderful. Tomorrow could be bleak. Tomorrow is the song unsung, the whisper unheard, the fragrance not smelt. Today is the song we can sing and it is the mental makeup of today that will shape up the future of tomorrow and alleviate the failures and pains of yesterday. We should sow today the seeds of success we want tomorrow. We should visualize today the wonderful future we want tomorrow. Today we should do what we want to and not let tomorrow bear the brunt of things not done today. So let us not clip the wings of today. Let us not mar our today by memories of yesterday. Let us better our today. Let us be more dignified more tolerant, more loving today. Let us dream today for: Yesterday is a bird Chained to unfulfilled desires, Today is the bird raring And daring to soar the skies. Tomorrow is a bird Unknowing and unsure of its destination. So, Today let us be Happy, Positive, Daring, Adventurous And leave not anything for Tomorrow.

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