Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Chakra

Every body is worried/concerened about the chakra(circle) of life and how it starts and how it ends...
life looks more open and clear... when you see it throught the chakra(circle)...and you see spokes and the inner rim. The real work of life is by working to strengthen the spokes ....the values of it..because those are things that really for your views....


  1. youre telling me lol. i better not screw this one up.

    i feel like a mess.

    how r u?

  2. oh! well i m good...

    :-)...all my wishes to you

  3. WOW.. Saw all your artworks ! They are spectacular dude !! You draw them on the computer itself or are these scanned images ??

  4. thanks for the kind gesture...
    i draw it on computer.
    the clarity of the picture is not my motive
    but the clarity of thoughts is...
    ..I m really happy that you liked few of my artworks...they are few erupted feelings...i wish the lava never cools down...:-)
    take care



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