Monday, August 4, 2008

The Milky Way


  1. I see many galaxies in here actually.. a planet too where from a rocket is taking off.. :-D

    R u an artist??

  2. gr8 work done by u dude..... jst keep the gud work going on.
    It jst left me speechless.The galaxy,rocket..... gr8 piece of imagination.Only an atrist of your calibre can create such a marvellous piece of work.

  3. sometimes i cant beieve its aleady august...this summer went by so fast, did it not?

    medicated for what? being sick? lol. I'll be okay. Besides, my family just had to switch health insurance. Now we pay up to 1000 bucks every time we see the doctor. Go figure. Medicine would be very expensive...

    anyway the picture is very beautiful. i love it :)

  4. well i guess wonderful creativity
    though i wud suggest u pen ur thoughts in d end aas wel
    good one n ma 1st visit 2 a blog f this kind

  5. @anish:

    heh...yes i m kinda amature artist.

    @subashjeet dutta :

    thanks bro...i will try to keep standing on your words.

    @Susan...yeah its august already!!
    in delhi there were no summers...i mean they were supposed to be summers but it rained all summer and it is raining still...i wonder i would be wearing a tee and shorts in december...
    thank god...india isnt that costs us $ max .!!!...
    @ alex...thanks bro for visiting i wont dissapoint your next visit.take care.

    thanks all~!!!

  6. Dear Vatsal, your work is really commendable. Keep it up. Relly very glad for you.----------
    Priti Mausi, Pune

  7. thanks mausi :-)...sure i ll try improving them

  8. you make all these???how???genius!!:)

    scribblers Inc.

    thanks i m obliged.
    your work is impressive too

  10. You should draw a chocolate wrapper too alongside..Milky way reminds me more of chocolate than anything else. :)



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