Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Trip.

After a long wait ...it seems i went on a long vacation . But its now here. I upgraded my system and now finally i am happy with it and i plan to not invest a single more penny in it neways The TRIP... I went to a small trip to kasauli,kufri,chail and shimla (hill stations)...what was unique about the trip was that we went in rainy season and the second unique thing was that instead of tourist places and points we found our own places and trecked a lot i saw this place near kufri and its really picturesque . A must visit place...words of wisdom The real enjoyment of a trip is hidden in the exploration what you love.


  1. Agreed :) True adventure doesn't lie outside of a man.. it lies within him...

    Nice blog you got here friend... Keep up the good work...

  2. Hi, how are you? Beautiful pic. How is your painting going on? Hope to see more. Sorry for not dropping by for so long. Keep up your good work. Take care. God Bless.

  3. @nishi

    thank you ...keep visiting ..I wont dissapoint you :-)

    I m living my good times ,paintings are paying off and sure I ll finally gear up as i have some deadlines to catch up

  4. Wow!
    that pic tells all abt the place!
    it must be beautiful

  5. @ketki,
    Yep the pics have arrived soon i llbe uploading them ....the trip was really awesome



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